Mobility Classes Cambridgeshire

Not feeling as mobile as you used to? Feeling stiff and sore? Joint pain?

One cannot overstate the importance of being able to express full range of motion in each and every joint. Simply put, if you are missing range of motion in one joint, generally another joint will pay the price. With soaring numbers of joint dysfunction, tendinopathies and joint pain, our modern society is plagued by range of motion loss due to sedentary behaviour. Our mobility classes are the solution to your pain.

Mobility and Fitness Cambridge

Getting range of motion back is not as simple as stretching out and hanging in your joints end range. It is a complicated process to deal with all the issues surrounding why the range of motion is missing in the first place. Whether it be joint impingement, trigger points or fascial stiffness our range of mobility techniques will sort out any underlying movement restrictions. Using a range of different tools from foam rollers to massage balls to bands to distract joints, we will improve your range of motion and get you feeling young and spritely again! Anyone and everyone will benefit from improving range of motion and reducing stiffness associated with sedentary behaviour!