Kickboxing Classes in Cambridgeshire

Ace’s studio is proud to become the home of the super popular Cambridgeshire Kickboxing!

Cambridgeshire kickboxing was formed in May 2017 when head coach Mark Tomlinson saw that there was a huge demand for beginners kickboxing in the Cambridgeshire area. With years of striking experience and several kickboxing qualifications, Mark set out to build a friendly, unintimidating and fun class environment that welcomes everyone!

Kickboxing Cambridge

Cambridgeshire Kickboxing differs from other companies in the area due to the use of our unique kick shields. These shields are specifically designed for beginner use as they require very little skill to hold correctly unlike Thai pads or boxing mitts. This means you can step into our classes with confidence and get started straight away honing your skills! You no longer have to worry about being partnered with someone who doesn’t know how to hold pads correctly or worry about not being able to hold them the right way(for those who are unaware, this can be a frustrating and scary experience).
At Cambridgeshire Kickboxing we aim to eliminate this and focus exclusively on what you actually want to do- Kick, Punch and sweat out all that stress and sculpt a fighters physique without having to fight for it! Our kick shields are thick and can absorb even the hardest of kicks with no pain for the holder!
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