Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Classes in Cambridgeshire

Ace’s studio is also the home of Kraken Submission Grappling! The best pure no gi grappling school in all of Cambridgeshire!

Submission grappling is the most dominant martial art in the world, it changed the martial arts world forever when Royce Gracie dominated the first Ultimate Fighting Championship with his Jiu Jitsu in 1993. Since then the sport of Submission Grappling has arisen and evolved substantially to become even more in depth.

Jiu Jitsu Cambridge

Submission grappling is essentially a strategy game where the aim is to take a resisting human being and bend them to your will. The most attractive and beautiful aspect of Submission Grappling is that it is one of the very few martial arts which allows and rewards creativity; you can approach the game with whatever strategy suits you and have success with techniques that you create! Also it is one of the few martial arts where a smaller, weaker person can dominate a larger person using technical proficiency, making it an ideal martial art for women and children.

Krakens mission is to create the best system of learning the grappling world has ever seen. Our highly accelerated learning programmes are designed specifically with beginners in mind, focussing on education and understanding to produce high levels of competency in record times. Jiu Jitsu is all about understanding mechanics and movement to apply maximum leverage against your opponent, gaining favourable positions before submitting your opponent. The most important factor which allows this to happen is eduction and understanding. Where most schools go wrong is that they push new students into rolling (sparring) before new students even understand what it is they are doing. This often leads to a high drop out rate as new students often end up injured and have a bad experience. This will NEVER happen at Kraken, you will always be looked after.

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