Balance & Stability Classes Cambridgeshire

Do you have poor balance? Do you play any kind of sport or martial art? Do you want to improve your ability to control your body?

Balance is an essential skill not matter who you are or what you do. Most people define themselves as either having good balance or poor balance however balance is a skill anyone can learn!

Balance & Stability Cambridge

Having better balance will make you a better athlete as it will teach you fine motor control of your neuromuscular system. This is also important for injury prevention as balance in its basic form is your bodies ability to resist poor mechanical positions; if you are out of position even slightly, you will not be able to perform the exercises correctly. In our balance and stability classes, we use a variety of equipment to challenge your coordination and balance. From yoga balls to balance cushions, we have all the tools to become a balance master!
Whether you’re into martial arts and looking to be able to perform your techniques with more fluidity or you’re looking to build up strength back into a joint after injury, our balance and stability classes will help build a solid foundation of balance to better equip you for life’s challenges.